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Evelyn’s Corner is the storefront for the artwork of Alexis Evelyn Weiner. 


To me creativity is expressing myself where I’m at in any given moment. I bring whatever I am feeling that day to the canvas. Sometimes it’s a quick watercolor and sometimes its splashing paint across the canvas and pouring glitter on top. My art has been a place for me to process complex feelings like anxiety and depression. Art helps me express my emotions more clearly than I can ever say or explain. It’s the smashing of a paintbrush against a canvas, the ripping of the paper, or the furious writing of the chalk pastel. It’s everything I’ve always taught young children to do, to express themselves through art, to make sense of their world through the making, through the creating. The uninhibited brush strokes and everything in between is them making sense of their world, understanding the material, testing the limits of what creativity can be, and bringing their full selves to the process. I’ve always been inspired by these little artists. When I create, I tend to my own little artist within to see what she has to say, everyday something new. I create art to inspire others. I create art to understand myself and my feelings. I create art because I have to. Thank you for viewing my art and sharing in my creative journey.  

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